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We give you direct access to global pricing advantages from Asia or North America. The differences can be substantial depending on the product type or manufacturer we know where to go and how best to manage your enquiries.

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Excess Management

Turn your unwanted electronic component inventory into cash! Excess management is more than just the disposal of surplus material at any cost. Our system enables us to offer the customer an individual solution that delivers maximum return.

How Excess Management works


We take control of your inventory through either an out-right purchase or a consignment agreement.


The goods are inspected, valued and recorded by our experienced team.


The inventory is marketed to over 5000 companies utilising industry leading online platforms.


When consignment is taken there is complete transparency providing details of revenue generated on a monthly basis.

Cost Reduction

Azego can help reduce costs with no compromise on quality, using our global network of quality, audited vendors and a powerful component database. These, combined with many years experience enable us to obtain the lowest pricing and pass on savings to our customers.

Shortage Management

A halt in production can occur in any manufacturing business, regardless of meticulous material planning. The consequences can be catastrophic and lead to cost penalties and loss of customer confidence. Our shortage service eliminates these issues enabling production to continue smoothly without disruption. Our goal is to ensure every customer is supported as quickly and efficiently as possible.


  • Electronic components are sourced using our global network of approved vendors.

  • Quality assurance is guaranteed in accordance with strict documented procedures.

  • Customers receive new and original product in the shortest possible time.

  • Our logistics systems ensure goods are normally delivered within 48hrs.

  • Reduced costs equals more profit We create a plan for the marketing and re-selling of your excess.

  • Finding the right buyer for your excess inventory is our main priority. Our knowledge of the market and key companies enables us to get the best possible return for each customer.

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We understand no two customers are the same and so we offer a bespoke solution, built around your needs, timeframe and budget. 

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