Our commitment

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of Azego. Our working practices and processes ensure that we meet, and exceed, your specific requirements by providing an industry leading quality of service.

By setting up purchasing teams located in Europe, Asia and America, we have built in house local support around the globe that gets us closer to our suppliers, all of which are visited and audited both before we trade and throughout our relationship.

We have recently doubled the size of the warehouse and invested in state of the art inspection equipment, further enhancing our rigid inspection procedure in which all products, without exception, are photographed and fully traceable from receipt through to sales order dispatch.


Azego Assured

Quality is our foundation. Azego’s quality begins with our global network of trusted suppliers and service providers enhanced and complimented by our in-house inspection and testing processes.

Our in-house inspection and robust counterfeit mitigation test capabilities eliminate risk, meet or exceed industry standards, and assure authenticity including micrography and 3D X-ray imaging.

Our capabilities can be further enhanced through the use of our international network of AS6081 Certified testing laboratories.

Azego Assured

Azego’s professional inspectors are. InterCEPT Certified and our in-house test standards ensure we only deliver authentic and reliable components. All fully tested components come with an Azego Certificate of Conformance and test reports to assure quality. Our inspectors are certified to the InterCEPT Certified Inspector 2 level.


Our 56-point continuous improvement based inspection process and test capabilities assure delivery of high quality components while detecting and eliminating counterfeit parts. Our comprehensive testing and inspection processes are backed by a team of certified inspectors and include high definition micography and leading edge 3D X-ray imaging.


Our UK-based centralised warehouse facilities are certified to ISO9001:2015, AS9120:EN2018. We are proud members of the Electronic Resellers Association International (ERAI).




Our promise to you

We endeavour to meet all of your needs with zero compromise on quality, supplying products and services that exceed your expectations.